Ralph’s Reviews: Donald Trump America’s New Reality

Donald Trump will become the 45th President of The United States. I feel confident in saying that Donald Trump becoming president-elect came as a surprise to most, including those who voted for Trump. It appears that the media did in fact get it wrong. It is worth emphasizing that the 2016 presidential election came to a surprising conclusion.

As I just mentioned, the media got it wrong. But, was it the media’s fault? Well, not entirely. Many polls were conducted to try and get a feel for the temperature of voters across the country. The problem with that was some said they weren’t voting, some said they were voting third party, and some said Clinton, or Trump. What I feel happened was those that said Clinton, third party, or not voting, were those who voted for Trump. They were not honest because they did not want to publicly admit that they were voting for Trump. Even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Donald Trump won in the end because he won the electoral college. Then, you also have those registered voters that did not vote that could have impacted the outcome of the election. So, bottom-line is the media and their polls did get it wrong, but it is hard to be accurate when those polled are not completely honest. In a normal presidential election I think the polls would have been more accurate, simply because in a normal presidential election most Americans vote in regards to their political party of Republican or Democrat. However, the 2016 presidential election was so brutal and nasty voters were left to decide between who was the better person rather than which political party they wanted in the white house.

The mood of the night that Donald Trump became the president-elect was somber for the majority of the country. Some compared the Trump victory to Brexit. Brexit was when The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union. Mainly because Brexit threw The United Kingdom into a frenzy. The same can be said for the election of president-elect Donald Trump in The United States. There were many emotions the night Trump became the president-elect. There was fear, sadness, anger, and excitement felt across the country. The United States had never seen an election quite like this one.

So, now that Trump has won, what now? Well, for some the fear and anger are still there. For others, the excitement and hope for a better future are now stronger than ever. There have been riots and protests throughout the country. Donald Trump is left with a nation divided in so many ways and it is up to him to try and calm fears and unify the country.

I will conclude with this. I was surprised by the outcome. More importantly, I am now just glad the whole thing is over with and we can hopefully get back to some normalcy as a nation.