Ralph’s Reviews: Things Not to Do When Taking a Shot

I am sure at some point in your life you have been asked to attend a party that you really did not want to go to, but felt so obligated to go that you went anyway. Well, that recently happened to me and I found out the hard way a few things not to do. So, I thought I would share some words of wisdom from my experience with you.

I found out when someone offers you a shot of an alcoholic beverage, it is a good idea to ask first before just taking a random shot of alcohol. When I say ask first, I mean to literally ask the person what it is they have asked you to shoot down your throat. As you may or may not have guessed by now, I did not do this and just took a random shot of alcohol. In my defense, I was already stressed about being at the party that I did not want to be at. I am also not a heavy drinker or even around alcohol very often, so I am a little naïve when it comes to alcohol and what rules to follow if you want to avoid getting totally messed up. Straight alcohol I am good with, it is the hard liquor I have’nt fully learned how to handle yet. I later found out the shot I took was a hard whiskey. To say it messed me up would be an understatement. Fortunately, or unfortunately it was my uncle that gave me the whiskey shot. He was drunk, so it was not good judgment on either of our parts. There were a few circumstances that enhanced to potency of the whiskey shot. I had not eaten anything before taking the shot of whiskey. I also found out that after taking a whiskey shot you are supposed to follow it with something like food or beverage llke a soda to diminish the potency. As I stated I did not do ether and got pretty messed up quickly. There was some staggering, headaches, and a few other symptoms I wish not to mention. I had some bread and passed out. It took about twelve hours for me to fully recover from the shot of whiskey.

As a PSA to all of you, if someone ask you to take a random shot of alcohol, seriously find out what it is they are asking you to down. If you don’t, you quickly could learn the hard way as I did. There are other risks that comes with taking a drink from someone that you do not know what is in the drink. They could have ill-intent and it is best to always s use cation when out and about and drinking.