Ralph’s Reviews: Halloween Trick or Treating Tips and Advice

When it comes to Halloween it can mean many things depending on who you talk you to. For some, it is an opportunity to show off their creative side and dress up in creative costumes. For others, especially children it is about dressing up and scoring as much candy as they can snatch up. While Halloween can be a fun time, it is important to keep safety a top priority. So, with that in mind I am going to cover some safety tips to keep Halloween a safe and fun time.

There are many things that would cause some fear around this time of year. This year’s Halloween season has a unique fear that has some people concerned and has authorities and organizers pledging to be on alert. I am talking about the ‘creepy clown phase.’ Some areas have banned clown costumes and made it illegal to wear a clown costume in public until after Halloween. In recent months the ‘creepy clown’ phase has swept the nation with reports that spooky looking people dresses as clowns were threatening children and schools. Some schools went into lockdown after threats on social media claimed that clowns were going to cause harm at schools. Many of the threats were debunked, but some arrests were made. Now, that Halloween is here officials are growing more concerned due to the sales of creepy clown masks and costumes skyrocketing. National retailer Target made headlines when they decided to pull clown costumes from their shelves. With the fear of ‘creepy clowns’ I would suggest that you do not dress up as a clown for Halloween this year. It is recommended that if you or someone you know plan on dressing up as a clown for Halloween this year, you need to let those around you know that you mean them no harm.

Some other things to keep in mind as you venture out on Halloween is to, stay near neighborhoods or areas that you are familiar with, and for motorists be on the lookout for people walking in the streets, especially for small children as it will be dark and it difficult to spot someone in costume. Keep your speed at a slower pace than you normally would go despite what may be posted on the speed limit sign in order to keep the streets safe from accidents. Parents should also check their child’s bag of candy for unwrapped candy. If you find any unwrapped candy throw it away immediately, as it is unknown what could be inside the candy or what the candy may have come in contact with. With as much candy as you are likely to bring home, this little rule implies perfectly here, and that rule is everything in moderation.

I hope you will keep these safety tips in the back of your mind as you venture out for your Halloween festivities. Have a safe and fun filled Halloween.