Ralph’s Reviews: ABC Family Channel Gets New Name

The popular ABC Family channel is due to change its name on January 12th as part of a relaunch. The new name for the channel will be Freeform. The network is Disney-Owned.

Changing the name from ABC family to Freeform is part of an effort to rebrand the channel to better reflect the programming on the channel. The network is trying to attract a larger audience, get more viewers, and keep up with the teenagers who have grown up and become adults. The majority of those teenagers that have grown up and become adults started with ABC Family, and now the network hopes to keep them with Freeform as well as reach an even larger audience.

Freeform is a way for the channel to interact with more of their fans on all social media platforms. The network is hoping the name Freeform will catch on with a large viewing and social media audience. The name is to reflect edgier, more grown up programming. The ABC Family name had perhaps too much ‘family’ in the name. There were a lot of people that would not turn to ABC Family because ‘family’ was in the name. Even though the programming has gradual changed, the perception of ‘family’ was still overwhelmingly there. Taking the word ‘family’ out will invite more viewers. Do not worry too much as a lot of your favorite ABC Family shows and original shows/series are staying on Freeform. Freeform also plans to add even more new original shows in the future. Also, plan on Disney movies to continue to be shown on the channel. The January 12th name change is also the date for the premier of the new season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

To recap, ABC Family will become Freeform on January 12th.