Ralph’s Reviews: Johnny Manziel’s Partying Keeps His Game on the Sidelines

While it is no surprise that Johnny Manziel is making headlines once again, only this time it is an unusual story-line.

To be fair, there have been no official reports and no clear cut confirmation on the latest story, Johnny Manziel was allegedly in disguise while partying in Las Vegas over the weekend. He was wearing a blonde wig, fake mustache, and was answering to the name ‘Billy. There have been photos swirling around social media of the alleged disguise. Manziel was reported to be inebriated before the season’s last game.

Manziel has seen very little playing time in two seasons with the Cleveland Browns. However, when he has been on the field he has shown glimpses of his talent, but his off the field antics continue to keep Manziel sidelined.

It has been noted that Manziel has had a stint in rehab. It has been well speculated by many journalists that Manziel has a problem, specifically with Alcohol. Many root for him to realize his problem and fulfill his potential as a talent in the NFL. There are a few teams that are believed to be interested in getting Manziel if the Browns become fed up and part ways with Johnny Manziel and his off the field issues.

I believe Johnny Manziel has enough talent to be a pretty decent quarterback in the NFL that could lead a franchise, but many owners and teams will tend to shy away from Manziel because of the baggage that Manziel brings with him with his off the field issues. In the NFL like most sports talent usually out weighs the negatives of an athlete, but in the case of Johnny Manziel he may have to many off the field issues that just may not allow him to fulfill a career as an NFL quarterback. He handled the SEC fairly well with his play, but it has not translated to success in the NFL. Time will only tell if Manziel will get his act together and become the professional everyone wants him to be.