Ralph’s Reviews: Personal Preference When Getting Directions

At various times we all have needed to commute from one destination to another. The only difference is how we choose and follow our desired route. With advancements in technology our decisions have been made more convenient, or challenging depending on a person’s perspective.

Many years ago the most common map that people used was a traditional road map, that in most cases you would fold up and stick in your glove department of your vehicle. Keep in mind these traditional fold-able road maps that were used were long before the days of Web browsers and apps. Traditional fold-able road maps are still used today, just not as common as they once were. Traditional fold-able road maps have faded in popularity in recent times due to the advancements in internet technology of online maps, which include, virtual maps, GPS systems., various apps, smartphones, iPhones, and well the list goes on I'm sure

When it comes to myself, whenever I am in need of getting directions, I like to think that in my mind I have an old school approach when it comes to directions. No, I don’t go out and grab a traditional fold-able map from the glove department or the local store, but it is on paper nonetheless. I like to go to a desktop, go to a credible search engine and type and put in the directions, choose the most logical or convenient route and print out directions and a map on paper. I like to have a paper copy in my hand. You may be thinking to yourself, that sounds like a lot of work. My response to that would be it is the easiest way I know. Sure, I could use GPS or an app, and I do have access to those things, but to me using a GPS or app seems like a lot of hassle to me especially, when you are in the middle of the commute. With directions already printed and in my hand it seems to make more sense to me to stop at a red light, or stop at a rest stop, or at a store, pick up my printed directions, and follow the step by step directions. A map already printed out in advance is just my preferred way of getting directions. It has been quite humorous and frustrating when my so called perfect system of printed directions fails me. By either leaving out a step, or giving a wrong turn. When this occurs, which is not often by the way, I have used an app or two to get back on track. When all else fails there is no shame in asking the locals or a store clerk for Clarification

Like most, I understand that no matter what your preference of getting directions is, no map route is 100 percent accurate all of the time. Due to the fact that unfortunately a GPS or any type of map cannot predict unforeseen delays of a traffic accident, road construction, inclement weather, and various other travel hazardous, that can affect your route and throw off estimated travel time. From my perspective, whichever tool you use to get to your destination from point A to point B, and you get there and back safely you must have done something right. Of course, that means obeying the law of the road, using common sense, and doing your best to maintain etiquette when on the roadways. Continued safe travels everyone.