Ralph’s Reviews: Wendy’s 4 for $4 vs Burger King’s 5 for $4

It seems everywhere you turn there is a new deal to draw in customers to their fast food establishments. The latest puts Wendy’s and Burger King in direct competition with one another. As well as numerous other places who are putting together items in various combinations.

The Wendy’s Meal Deal vs Burger King’s Meal Deal.

The Wendy’s Meal. Offers 4 items for $4. Items include a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Nuggets, Fries, and a Drink.

The Burger King Meal. Offers 5 items for $4. Items include a Bacon Cheeseburger, Small Fry, Small Drink, 4 piece Chicken Nuggets, and a Cookie.

I have had the delight of trying both meal deals. The results are not that close, but there is an item that keeps one competitor in the game. For me, the Wendy’s deal is better by far in terms of getting more for your bucks. I found the Wendy’s meal more satisfying and filling. I felt that with Wendy’s the burger had more beef than the Burger King burger. It eemed like a bigger, thicker patty. So, point 1 goes to Wendy’s.

Wendy’s fries seemed fresher and had more taste then BK’s fries. So, point number 2 goes to Wendy’s. Now let’s go to the Chicken Nuggets. I thought both competitors Nuggets were about equal, there were not many differences. In fact, size and texture again were about even. So I give both a half point. Another half point to the competitors for the drink as, well they are drinks after all.

The cookie by far was the best part of the Burger King meal deal. Their cookie was soft, which I found enjoyable, and is pretty good in size and taste I would say. For the cookie iteslf I give Burger King 2 points. However with the Burger King deal I will deduct half a point from their lack of dipping sauce. No dipping sauce compared to Wendy’s variety of dipping sauces.

Final Sore.

Wendy’s Meal Deal. 3.

Burger King Meal Deal. 2.5.

As you can tell by the results, the meals results were a lot closer than I anticipated. Just goes to show that both meals are worth it. The differences are numerous, but again it depends on your preferences as to which one you will find more satisfying.

In closing, rather it is 4 for $4 or 5 for $4 you are getting a pretty decent meal for the price. Whether or not you have a favorite meal deal or not depends on your preference, what value and quality you expect from the fast food restraunt of your choice. Just for me it was not a hard choice to pick the Wendy’s meal deal as the better value. I was more satisfied with the 4for$4. I would recommend trying both meal deals from either Wendy’s or Burger King so you can judge for yourself and get a real true assessment of the meal deals and what they have to offer. As of this posting Wendy’s has been doing their meal deal longer, and have already seen an increase in revenue. While, Burger King is still in the early stages of their meal deal, it is too early to know if they can put a dent in Wendy’s meal deal, and turn some of that revenue over to the Burger King meal deal.

It is worth noting McDonald’s latest shake of to their menu. They now offer a mcPick2. A variety of items to choose from for 2 bucks. Items include a McDouble, McChicken, Mozzerella Sticks, Fries, or a drink. Any choice of 2 items for $2. I am sure there will be a continued battle for fast food supremacy.