Ralph’s Reviews: ‘Idiotest’ TV Show (Part 2)

It’s been far overdue, so without further-adieu here is the ‘Idiotest’ TV Show part 2 review. (Part 1 is available in the blog section at Explodeded.com)


I finally was able to sit down for an episode of ‘Idiotest’ My first impression was that the title of the gameshow kind of fit the show, but not completely. That was a bit surprising for me in a good way. What I mean by that is the title went with the games, but did not dominate the show with its contestants.


The contestants are two teams of 2 for a total of 4 people. Game 1 has contestants trying to determine a common sense question, game 2 separates the teams and has 1 team member from each team try to solve the next common sense question individually, by round 3 the game determines which team will play for the smart money round. That is the breakdown of the games, rounds, and contestants.


Now, let’s breakdown the show in its entirety. Overall I found the games to be interesting. There were some awkward banter between the host (Ben Gleib) and the contestants and there were some cheesy jokes throughout the show that I could have done without. I found the show to be entertaining and I get it and see why the show is gearing up to return for season 2.


I was skeptical coming into the show as I stated in (part 1) because of the title of the show. I thought the title of the show would feel like an insult to me throughout the show and that turned out to not be the case. It really is somewhat a smart and creative gameshow the title for me at least was misleading, but overall thought it was a solid show. GSN may have stumbled across a brilliant and successful original gameshow. The presentation was a lot better than I expected. The host was engaging with the contestants that caught me by surprise. However, I did find the host to be a bit shaky at times throughout the show. As I mentioned earlier he was a bit awkward with banter. Other than some awkwardness he seems to be a good fit for ‘Idiotest’


It is an enjoyable show and I would recommend it if you are into game shows. I will upgrade ‘Idiotest’ to 4 out of 5 stars.