Ralph’s Reviews: Cee Lo Green’s Latest Song

Cee Lo Green recently released his latest single titled ‘Robin Williams’. This song is powerful and has a strong message 

One of the key lyrics for me was “What’s life going to become once we don’t have any more heroes”. The song reference John Belushi, Richard Pryor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris Farley, Bernie Mac, and Phil Hartman. Some of the biggest names in entertainment all left us too soon. Not all for the same reasons but none the less too soon. So much talent that struggled and battled to Exist off the stage. Most notably for Robin Williams. It has just passed the one year anniversary of Robin Williams passing. The song pays Ambridge to all these iconic figures.

For me the song is relatable as I know what it is like to battle intrusive thoughts. I feel fortunate though that I seem to be back in control of things thanks to God. For those that battle the song is beautiful, relatable, and very powerful. It hits home and brings mental illness back in the conversation nationally. The song has a strong message that speaks to we can think we know someone by their performance as a public figure, but yet really have no clue as to what they are going through off the stage. For the everyday man the song states “we don’t know what the next man’s going through” The message to me is that if you know someone who is battling reach out to them and help them in any way that you can. Let them know that there is help out there.

I admit I have not been the biggest Cee Lo Green fan, but with this latest single I have become a fan. This struck me so powerful that it shows Green’s creativeness and brilliance.

The fact that a song comes out like this means that people are paying attention. It was also a very nice and beautiful song. The loss of these iconic figures hit many hard and obviously had an impact on Cee Lo and influenced this song. The song is catchy, has a powerful hook and for me is enjoyable to listen to. The song can be motivational, at least that’s the way I took it as you can laugh to hide whatever you deal with in life. However, laughter can only go so far and it is best to open up to those closest to you, let them in and express feelings to them so that you do not feel bottled up inside.

That is all for this review.