Ralph's Reviews: LeBron James Deal Sparks Space Jam 2 Rumors

Just recently Warner Brothers and pro basketball player LeBron James inked a deal, the deal is reportedly a joint TV/Movie deal and has sparked speculation of a Space Jam 2 production. LeBron James is in his prime as an athlete and has started polishing his acting skills as he just appeared in a role in the movie 'Trainwreck' 

Reaction from the public has been critical over the possible production of Space Jam 2 however, not all of it is critical. Of course fans of LeBron are enthused and thrilled of the speculation surrounding a possible Space Jam 2. Depending on which camp you are with you are either really excited or you are dreading a Space Jam 2. A lot of comments I have come across say that a Space Jam 2 would just prove how bad LeBron really wants to be like Michael Jordan. Jordan is arguably the greates pro basketball player in history. He is a 6-time NBA Champion. James is currently a 2 time NBA Champion. Rather that is the case or not is merely speculation.  


I admit I am not one that roots for LeBron James. Not that I do not respect his game because I absolutely do, and not that I don't like him because that would not be true either, but he just does not come off as an athlete that I can root for. 


In regards to Space Jam 2, the original Space Jam movie is a childhood movie that like most I grew up with. In my personal opinion a sequel would not do the original justice, and it would slightly tarnish the original Space Jam movie for many. I mean I will always have my fond memories from the original, but would prefer the original 'Space Jam' be the only production and not have a sequel produced. Unfortunately for me it sure does appear that Space Jam 2 will soon be in the works. The movie 'Hoosiers' comes to mind when I think about iconic movies particularly sports movies that should not get a sequel. A lot of times a sequel is only done because of greed for money and I admit not always. I feel most of the time the original movie has such an impact that sequels diminish the original slightly, at least for me. In rare occasions the sequel out performs the original. It is sometimes hard to argue with Hollywood and the success they have had and likely will continue to have. From a fan perspective the original movie, in this case 'Space Jam' is able to stand the test of time and introduce many generations to the iconic film that was. To me the sequels often do not deliver as much impact as the original movie. 'Karate Kid' is a prime example of a sequel that just did not live up to the original. For me sequels only work if you can get most of or all of the original cast back together, if that cannot be accomplished then it should not be done. 


As Space Jam 2 appears likely, whether you watch it or not I would recommend that watch the original 'Space Jam' in order to fully understand what made the original so iconic and memorable.