Ralph's Reviews: 'Idiotest' TV Show (PART 1)

From what I understand 'Idiotest' was a popular game on an app, in fact it became so popular that they turned it into a television gameshow that airs on Game Show Network (GSN). It is currently entering its second season. The show is hosted by Ben Gleib. Two teams compete in answering brain teaser questions that should commonly be known.



I am sure it is a decent gameshow however, the title of the show just does not do it for me. It does not grab me and pull me in to watch. Full disclosure I have not actually watched an episode of the show and honestly the title is the reason. Why would I want to watch a show that pretty much calls me an idiot? Not literally of course, but close enough. The marketing of the show is at times annoying. The advertisements just seem clumsy to me. 


I admit since I have not seen the show it is an incomplete review. From the previews to the title of the show I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Expect a part 2 of this review. Part 2 will include a full review of the show as I plan to actually sit down and review an entire episode.


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