Ralph's Reviews: Inability to Unplug From the Digital World

Like many, I have tried time and time again to stop use of my cell phone, internet, social media, and countless other technologies, with little success. Sounds easy to do unplug from technology, but in fact it is much more difficult than you might think. 

Why would you want to unplug? That is a simple question, but a complicated answer. As we fill our day with fast paced, 24/7 need to know now information lifestyle it can become easy to become overwhelmed and stressed over the over use of our gadgets.

Depending on who you talk to, technology has either enhanced our way of living, or damaged our way of living to no repair. I won't go that far to say that technology has damaged us however, I will say that it has made us less sociable as a society which very well could impact friendships, relationships, and even our ability to do well on job interviews and work well with others in the workplace. 

The moment I told myself to put away the phone, stay off social media, and just disconnect the harder it became to do so. I was overcome by temptation. Some people need their phones and social media for work related needs. I would suggest that next time when on a vacation or have time to yourself or you are spending time with family or loved ones to put away gadgets and technology and just take in your surroundings and enjoy those moments. If you must log in to your phone or social media during those times make it brief and get back to what you were most recently doing. That way you are not consumed or wrapped up in what is going on outside of your world. This will limit stress in most cases.

Technology is here to stay, it is a good thing, but like all things use technology in moderation. Remember everything in moderation. Yes there is such a thing called there can be too much of a good thing.