Ralph's Reviews: Ways to Avoid DVR Spoiler Outcomes


The most common complaint from people on social media is the theory that fans, friends, and the specific pages of shows shouldn't be posting live results of live shows or sporting events. Many claim that for those with busy schedules who cannot watch live should have the chance to view before the outcome is posted on the internet. This is especially true for those who live out on the west coast as their primetime programing is on tape delay as east coast airs first live. Unfortunately, in today's 24/7 need to know web life that is no longer realistic. However, there are some ways to ensure that you will not get your favorite program or sport spoiled by chatty friends or page posts.

Here is a list of my strategies that may be helpful to you when dealing with a delayed airing.  


  • Avoid logging on to any social media sites during or immediately after the end of the program/game.


I would say until you have a chance to actually view your delayed airing avoid social media for at least 3 days, if not longer. This is really the best way to limit the chances that you will get your outcome spoiled.


  • Avoid talk shows on television or even morning radio programs.



Talk shows are likely to recap the outcome(s) the next day as that is what audiences will be talking about.



  • Be selective when searching the web.


Avoid certain key words, phrases or websites that may contain information about the show or game.




  • Telling family and friends


Let family and friends know that you have not had a chance to watch the program and for them not to text you after the show.

Now there is not a 100% way of never having an outcome spoiled, but these are some steps that make sense when desperately trying to not find out an outcome. The reason I say there is no 100% of avoiding spoilers is the workplace and your co-workers. These are peopke you see pretty much daily and they surely will be talking about what just happened live or the night before on television. All I can say is when you realize they potentially are talking about the outcome is to walk away from them, avoid them, and even let them know in advance for them to please not tell you and hope that they respect for request. 

In full disclosure I did stumble across something called 'Spoiler Shield' as I was writing this, but I will let you go out on your own to find that read if you so desire. Enjoy your programing!