Ralph’s Reviews: What Age is Good for Kids to Get a Cell Phone?


It seems everywhere you go there are people with cell phones, and kids are exposed to cell phones at an earlier age and the age keeps getting younger. Kids as young as 2 and 3 years old have grabbed phones, started pushing buttons, accessing the internet and games on their parents phones, but grabbing and you giving them a phone are two different things.  



Society has fully embraced cell phones as well as many other technological advances, but how accepting will society continue to be with Kids and cell phones? Only time will tell. Kids and cell phones continues to spark debate amongst parents and adults. Ultimately the decision on whether a kid gets a cell phone or not is up to the individual parent(s) themselves.



My position on kids getting cell phones is that they should at least be in the 8th grade which I believe is around 14 years of age. I also think that there should be restrictions when giving a cell phone to a kid. Such as, a set number of hours when the phone can and cannot be used, how much access and information are they allowed to get on the phone, and whether or not the phone can make calls or not. Also, they should demonstrate prior to getting a cell phone that they are responsible, show maturity, and mentally ready to handle the responsibility of a cell phone. I would also make them aware that there are health concerns that potentially could put their safety in jeopardy. I would not try to alarm them, but I would make a note of it and preach some things that they could do to protect themselves. Some things they could do is hold the phone four feet away from their head, and limit time spent on the phone talking. These precautions are to limit exposure to harmful radiation that it is believed cell phone produce.  Taking precautions is a good way to promote safety and responsibility when using a cell phone, not only for kids, but adults as well.


There is no avoiding cell phones no doubt about that, but parents and adults can control how much access kids have to cell phones.