Ralph's Reviews: Tom Brady & the Patriots Punished

This past year the NFL has had one of their most trying times in league history. The league has been heavily criticized for failing to live up to disciplinary standards from public perception. Public perception is that the league was not consistant or tough enough in dealing with the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson off the field issues. That being said the NFL, feeling tremendous preassure felt that they had to get the deflate-gate ruling correct in order to please the public. 


The NFL handed down their punishment not only to Tom Brady, but to the New England Patriots as well. The NFL clearly wanted to send a message that the integrity of the game will not be jeopardized. The NFL suspended star quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of the upcoming NFL regular season. The NFL also punished the Patriots organization, by taking away a 2016 first-round draft pick, and a 2017 fourth-round draft pick, they also fined the Patriots one million dollars. Although with Brady's suspension the Patriots look to profit an estimated $880,000 from not having to pay Tom Brady during his suspension. It is likely that Brady will lawyer up and appeal or even take the NFL to court, since they argue that there is not enough proof or evidence of Brady's involvement in the deflation of football's, before the AFC championship game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. Ironically enough if Brady's suspension stands, he would return to the field in the fifth game of the reglar season on a Sunday night matchup at Indianapolis, the team that blew the whistle on Tom Brady and the Patriots. 


The majority of fans believe the NFL got it right with deflate-gate, but the Brady supporters are loudly voicing their disatisfacation with the ruling and fully support their quote on quote 'golden boy.' Many in Boston feel that the organization will not unveal the SuperBowl banner until Brady returns. The haters of the Patriots are out in full force and saying Brady and the Patriots are cheaters and got what they deserve. Dating back to 2007's spy-gate this is now the second suspected incident involving the Patriots in trying to bend the rules in the court of public opinion. The Patriots in the eyes of the NFL did not fully cooporate in their independant investigation. By Brady not willing to give up his cell phone for inspection, and the ball boys made unavaliable for a fifth meeting for investigation ultimately sealed the Patriots and Tom Brady's fate. Brady on numerous occassions danced around the questions posed by the media and came across as he had something to hide. The NFL does whatever it can for the stars of the league which clearly are the quarterbacks, and many wanted to see if the NFL would punish what many believe to be the face of the NFL in Tom Brady. The NFL clearly answered 'yes' they will. 


How does this impact Tom Brady's legacy... Some say this will leave a black mark next to his name and not fairly represent how good of a quarterback Tom Brady actually is/was. Others say those that fairly judge his play on the field will have Brady as a great quarterback and a future hall of famer. 


I believe Brady had a role and instructed the ball boys to get the pressure of the football to the liking of Tom Brady. I believe the suspension will stand and the NFL got it right.