Weekly Podcast Review!

What a week for Explodeded.com!  Our three weekly podcasts hit it out of the park last week with talk ranging from Little Big Town's song "Girl Crush" to JC's interview with Author and Activist Phil Berg, and Wiredcereal's Pro-Anger episode of "I'm So Cereal."  So for those that missed it, here's a recap of last week's episodes...


In this episode of Scheizen for Brains, JC King and Wiredcereal are joined by special guest Candy Cane to discuss the movie Interstellar, the controversy over Little Big Town's song "Girl Crush," and the motives behind Bruce Jenner's recent transformation! Plus JC King takes a stand for Fish Equality! All in one epic Scheizencast!


In this episode of the Least Dangerous Podcast, JC King talks to Author and Activist Phil Berg about the President's Birth Certificate, 9/11, and his new book ObamaScare. Plus, JC King talks about Chris "The Birdman" Andersen's surprising appearance on the MTV show "Catfish." All in this week's Least Dangerous Podcast!


This week Cereal explains why its ok to be angry. From lowering your blood pressure to hooking up with the ladies, Cereal explains it all. Now go break some stuff so we can figure out wormholes!

Until next week, Cheers!  Prost!  Slainte!  And Salud!