Scheizen Show - Which Adrien Brody?

Welcome to the Scheizen Show! 's new internet show. In this episode Cereal and Jc play the Which Adrian Brody game. 
The rules are simple: you are presented with a situation and have to choose the appropriate Adrian Brody character to fill in the blank. Watch the video below and then read the rules to the "At Home Version" of the game below as well!

Play At Home! 

(2 to 6 Players)

What You'll Need: 

- 2 Paddleboards

-4 Pictures of different Adrian Brody's (we recommend  "Sensitive Adrien Brody" from the Pianist, "Crazy Homeless Adrian Brody" from the movie High School, "Predator Adrien Brody" from Predators, and "White Snoop Dogg Adrien Brody" just Google it.

-Stack of Index Cards   


How to Play:

Attach each picture of Adrien Brody to a separate side of the Paddle Boards.  This will be how you answer the questions.  Then each person playing can draw 3-5 Index Cards (depending on how long you want to play.)  After each player has their index cards they will write a different Scenario on each card ending with the question "Which Adrien Brody" would you use for the scenario described.  Each person will then write at the bottom of their index card which Adrien Brody they feel best fits the Scenario described.  After all the Scenarios are written out, you start with the youngest person first and then go counter clockwise around the room.  Each player will describe the scenario to the group.  Each person who gets the answer right will get a point.  If no one gets the answer right, the player who described the scenario gets the  point.  After everyone has gone through all their Scenarios the points are added up and the player with the most points wins!