Ralph's Reviews: March Madness

 As we approach this Final Four weekend let's reflect on what makes the NCAA March Madness tournament the spectacle that it is. In my opinion the Super-Bowl is the best sporting event. However, that is a single event and March Madness is an entire month. I give the overall title of best event to March Madness. But, as a single event the Super-Bowl wins because it has a lot more that goes into it than just the game itself.

'The Dance' as March Madness is often referred to gives 68 teams the opportunity to play on the biggest stage in sports and gives their school recognition. There is a selection committee that goes over extensive review of teams performance during the season and then they determine which teams get what seeding,, where they will play, and who they will play. All with the common goal of getting the path to determining a national champion as close to perfect or right as can be.

The games, especially on opening weekend are the most exciting based on the fact that the unpredictable happens. It is a one game elimination and the team that are most prepared and shows up to play their best can beat just about any team no matter the name or the skill of the team every team is on alert for an upset. Upsets are what make the tournament so crazy. The brackets everyone loves to fill out to prove that you know which teams are the best, but the bracket can also be frustrating as teams you may never have heard of can bust your teams in your bracket. These factors make the unpredictability of the tournament so great and admired by a nation. Studies have proven that productivity at work actually goes down during march as people gather around their devices or TV's to catch the action.

The 2015 Final Four includes the universities of, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Duke. This is only the second time that three number 1 seeds have made the Final Four. The last time that hapened was in 2008. Kentucky goes into Final Four weekend with a record of 38-0 and are trying to be the first school to complete a Men's Basketball Season with an overall record of 40-0. Teams have come within seconds of knocking Kentucky, but have fallen short. Wisconsin is back in the Final Four as they made it last year as well. Michigan State is the surprise out of the bunch as they were a 7 seed, but they are probably the hottest team in the tournament and playing their best basketball at the right team. Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke is making his 12th trip to the Final Four which ties him with legendary coach Jon Wooden. It should be a very exciting pair of games that should make for an intriguing national championship game. I believe the ideal matchup for sports fans would be a matchup between Kentucky and Duke as there is tremendous history between these two programs. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out in the end.

In conclusion, the buzzer beater is the ultimate reason why the tournament is so beloved going back to that unpredictability I mentioned earlier. Maybe just maybe there will be a buzzer beater or a play this weekend that you will remember and that will live on in March Madness glory.