Ralph's Reviews: Favorite Things About Spring Break

Spring Break has arrived!!! (For Most)

As you have probably planned or are still in the process of planning, here are some of my favorite things of the Spring Break Adventure.

Most importantly and most obvious is the spring like weather that generally becomes warmer across the U.S. You get to let down and dress down with your attire and have a more relaxed fit which generates a party like atmosphere mentally.

Warm climate destinations are a must. Destinations of warmth include, Florida, South Texas, California, Hawaii, perhaps the Caribbean, and others. These particular cities benefit year around and make their living by tourist seasons which include spring break week. Hotels are usually booked early, so often months of planning need to be put into booking one of these desired and ideal destinations.

Next, is the vacation time as most usually are out of school or are able to put in for vacation for this time of year, this is a time to hit the reset button on what has happened in the beginning of the year and allows us the opportunity to refresh, prep, and refocus for the next part of the year.

Finally, how about a staycation?? This became especially popular when gas prices were at outrageous prices and families had to decide to spend tim creatively together as a family to save on expenses. Staycation is the way to go if you are a large sized family or even if you are just trying to find some fun things to do in your local community or at home.

In closing, whatever you do during spring break, have fun, be safe, and party hard responsibly that is.