Ralph’s Reviews: Jon Stewart Announces Departure

Earlier this week ‘The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving the

program at some point this year. His contract is up in September, and it is

unclear at this time about a time table for his departure.


It has been said by many that Jon did something no one thought was possible, to make

politics interesting. His 2 million viewers proved that Stewart connected to an

audience. In fact, some frequent viewers admit that they only got their news

from shows like ‘The Daily Show’. The show had such a positive impact on a

generation and culture. His delivery reached all ages. People could relate to

Jon, and how he could put the right words, or make a legitimate argument on

even the toughest of issues. Jon’s appeal reached millions, including former president

Bill Clinton whose tweet read “where will I get my news each night?”  

Comedy Central says ‘The Daily Show’ will continue, but no replacement is known at this moment in time.


Jon shared with his studio audience that he felt it was time for someone else to get a

chance to host the show. The timing makes sense, as he will be exiting before

another election, and before a new president takes office. Which should make

for a smooth transition for the show to go in a new direction, as the search

for a new host takes place. It is worth noting that Jon has been known to want

to pursue other opportunities over the last few months.    


This is yet another shake up in the ever evolving late night carousel. It just goes to show

that it is definitely a new generation running late night television. In just

the past year Jay Leno was replaced by Jimmy Fallon at ‘The Tonight Show’, Seth

Meyers became new host of NBC’s ‘late night’ David Letterman is set to retire

in May of this year, as Stephen Colbert takes over CBS’s ‘The Late Show’ later

this year. There is the battle of the Jimmy’s as ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel goes up

against NBC’s Jimmy Fallon. Craig Ferguson left his post as ‘Late Late Show’

host this past December, and James Corden is in line to take over in March of

this year. For me late night is way less funny. There is less rivalry, more

competition, but way less chops to monologues in late night.


Jon Stewart’s personality will be difficult to match, or fill the void of, but his impact on

news delivery, and the way he discussed political and social issues will be remembered

by many.