Ralph’s Reviews: Wrong Miss Universe Winner Announced

In one of the most shocking moments to happen during a broadcast in recent years, host of the Miss Universe Pageant Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as winner, then had to retract and declare Miss Philippines the winner.

It is obvious that Steve Harvey read the card wrong. After announcing Miss Colombia the winner he then came back on stage and said to the audience that he had to apologize. He then announced Miss Colombia as first runner-up, paused and announced the winner was Miss Philippines. The cameras were now on Miss Philippines who had a look of shock, disbelief, and joy. Miss Colombia on the other hand was obviously upset. In a very awkward moment the crown of Miss Universe was removed with as much grace as possible and then placed on the head of Miss Philippines. Harvey took complete responsibility as he said it was his mistake. He even held up the card and said that the card was correct and he read it wrong. He showed it to the cameras to emphasize that it was his mistake.

Steve Harvey is best known for his stand up comedy, his role on his TV show ‘The Steve Harvey Show, and a household name as popular and successful host of ‘Family Feud, also, he is also a radio host and has a daytime television talk show. Harvey has always been seen as a professional, and a talent, but on the Miss Universe Stage an obvious mistake occurred. This mistake will stick with Harvey, but in my opinion it does not define him or tarnish all the great things that he has done in the entertainment business. It was a human error. No one is perfect. He read the card wrong. It was a disaster for the show and contestants, but the error was corrected and at least he had the courage to re-appear back on stage and own up to the mistake.

This moment set the internet buzzing. It was everywhere and memes and comments filled news feeds everywhere. It was definitely water cooler talk. Especially since this happened on a Sunday night and was a Monday morning topic for discussion. Even those, like myself that did not see it live were clicking around the web to find a clip of what everyone was talking about. It will go down as one of the most shocking things and you have social media to thank for that. The good and bad of social media is that people can share moments and opinions, but social media also makes stories bigger or worse than they are. This was a pretty big mistake and should be acknowledged as that.

There are many that are apologizing to Miss Colombia, and just as many who are congratulating Miss Philippines. Miss Universe 2015 was a historic one for all the wrong reasons.