Ralph's Reviews: Tap or Bottled? The Water debate.


Many have gone back and forth on this issue.  Environmetalist claim that bottled water is wasteful but, to me there are so many worse things that you could drink that is more wasteful and less pure than freaken' bottled water.


Water from the tap is of course the traditional thing to drink if you are looking for a healthier alternative to calorie and suguar filled drinks. Tap was around long before bottled water was even considered but, as time goes on things evolve and so do we as a consumer. For me personally I prefer bottled water over tap for lots of reasons. Such as, bottled water is cheap, easy access, I mean you just grab it out of the fridge or machine and go. With tap you grab a glass, turn the faucet on, fill it up and drink what is supposed to be refreshingly good water and depending on where you are located some of the tap water is very questionable really dependant on water purification systems. Bottled water goes through corporations who have the funding and resources to get water as pure as it can possibly be. However, I admit recycled water no matter where it comes from can only get so clean, but more bacteria gets out of the water that is in bottled water. This has caught on for many companies as they each try to out claim the other on who's bottled water is better. As far as brands go thats not a factor for me bottled water is bottled water no matter who produces it. 


For those who are on the tap water side I cannot understand why so many claim bottled water is a waste of money and so wasteful for the environment. Again, recycle if you are really that concerned about that paticular issue. Bottled water is just a better way to get your water. I always feel more satisfied after finishing a bottle of water.