Ralph's Reviews: Cleveland Dominates Summer Headlines.

When I think of some of the best sports cities, at least a dozen cities are thought of before Cleveland is even considered. 


It has been 50 years since Cleveland’s last championship. With the NFL draft of Johnny Manziel and the decision part 2 of LeBron James, Cleveland has quickly taken the sports world by storm.


Manziel often goes by Johnny football. While in college at Texas A&M he became beloved, a heisman winner, and had a very memorable performance when he led the Aggies to a win over Alabama with flashy footwork and leadership. While he was praised for his skill on the field, many questioned his antics off the field. The off field antics have followed Johnny to the NFL, with a much larger magnification of all that he does. The media cannot get enough of Johnny Manziel. He has not even taken a snap on an NFL field yet every move Manziel makes is a storyline. Manziel does not shy away from the media by publicizing his partying with photos on social media. Manziel’s #2 jersey leads NFL sales and many in Cleveland feel like he is the future of their teams success.Nationally many feel it is time for him to grow up, and start acting like a professional. If he succeeds his off the field behavior will not be as heavily criticized. However if he does not pan out as a succesfful NFL quarterback it will be precieved that his off the filed behavior was his demise.The jury is still out on 'Johnny football'


If the Manziel saga wasn’t enough add LeBron James to the equation and now you’ve really stirred up the pot. With a much quieter announcement of his free agency, James sent out in a statement that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavilers. It sure seems like all has been forgiven and forgotten in the city of Cleveland who vilified LeBron for his national television ‘decision‘. Their ‘hometown hero’ has returned home. After 4 NBA finals appearances, and 2 NBA Championships LeBron has chosen to return to his roots and hopes to deliver a championship to Cleveland. He changes jerseys again going back to jersey number #23.


Johnny Manziel and LeBron James have arguably been the most talked about athletes of the past year and the fact that they ended up together in Cleveland is a baffling scenario. Be prepared for a lot more ‘Johnny Football’ and ‘King James’ talk as the media has fallen in love with these 2 polarizing storyline athletes.