Ralph’s Reviews: Overexposed Internet Access

In our modern society, there are added risks.


For the faint-hearted it is a mental challenge to avoid anything that might be deemed not acceptable for viewing or hearing. Today’s media tries to limit disturbing graphical scenes from the public, but it really is out of their hands. If someone wants the raw video of something they can go and find it online. Which is a big problem! We have too much access to violence, and situations that occur in loss of life online. I choose the phrase “Too much of a good thing” It is extremely frightening thinking about the psychological affects that these disturbing, raw videos can have for someone such as a young child who’s brains are not fully developed to comprehend graphic material. If and when they encounter such vulgar material. Heck for anyone that comes across some of the garbage that is out there online can be too much to take for any age. Unfortunately it is what society in America wants. We do not want to be told what we can or cannot view in the land of the free. We cite our rights and claim it is our right to have uncensored access. Therefore, handcuffing those who would try and keep this gruesome videos from being posted. Seriously what kind of sick person wants to hear or witness loss of life in a video you can find online… It is baffling to me how people can be so drawn to these types of videos. some are compelled to seek released videos of the most gut wrenching, and disheartening things that occur or have occurred.


I will briefly mention adult material is easier now more than ever to get to. It has never been as popular or accessible as it is today. It is not impossible to protect young people from online threats, but it is impossible now a days to shield them from everything bad in the world. Be responsible and explain to them that when they have questions or worries that they can always come to you.


As a society we must hold ourselves responsible and realize that some things are best left undiscovered. The internet is a dark place if you are not cautious enough. Take Warning messages seriously. It says that for a reason. Not for the faint-hearted  It is appalling that there is some much vulgar and gruesome material allowed out there on the web.