Ralph’s Reviews: “Weird Al“ Yankovic - Industry Impact

Many artists have risen to stardom over the years, and “Weird Al” Yankovic has complimented their work with his spoofs of the most popular songs and trends in popular culture for many years.


For the past few decades “Weird Al” has entertained fans with his wit and comedic brilliance. His past work has made him respected by his peers and He continues to produce new material. He is best known for his renditions of songs that have made it to the top of the music charts. Particulary in the 80's & 90's were some of his finest work. Al writes his own lyrics and music on his originals that are on his albums. In fact half of the songs on his albums are originals and contribute to his parodies.


It is for the most part flattering to writers and artists when AL picks their song. Al has parodied over the years a number of number one hits. Michael Jackson was so approving of Al’s work that he let Al use his studios for “Weird Al” to make the music videos for “Fat” a parody of Jackson’s “Bad” as well as “Eat it” another of Jackson’s songs titled “Beat it”


If “Weird Al parodies you it means you have made it… Legally “Weird Al does not have to be granted permission from writers or artists to parody a song, but he likes to have the respect, and keep relationships that he has had over the years. There was an incident when “Weird Al” produced a song/video that he thought had been given permission on the song from the artists and later found out that the artists was offended. Al publicly apologized. The web has all the specifics if you wish to know the entire specifics of the controversy. I should add that this was a rare circumstance in Al’s career.


“Weird Al” has done everything from tours, TV appearances, music videos and so on.


Most consider “Weird Al” novelty, but to me he is a comedian in just a different form. He is also a musician. There have been parodies attributed to “Weird Al” and that is not endorsed by Al or his people, but if you have a question about a song that you are not sure if Al did it or not I encourage you visit his website to verify. His videos are on the web as well as his website. “Weird Al” Yankovic should be admired for his ability to know his audience and what will connect to them. "Weird Al” Yankovic is a 3 time Grammy winner.