Ralph’s Reviews: The Annual Summertime Lull

It is the time of year when things quiet down, and very little happens. There is a lack of good shows, a lack of sporting events and no major award shows. Typically mid June through mid August are brutal months in regard to quality entertainment, which includes sporting events. Just there is not a whole lot that goes on.

In the spring and fall is when networks roll out their best quality programming. That is done through strategy, knowing when their audiences will be at their peak. 

I find summer to be a good time of year. It is often a time where you get more opportunities to take a step back and get some relaxation time. For others not so much. I have felt like the dog days of summer often refers to weather forecasts, that could also be said for entertainment purposes too. There is a lot more channel surfing during the summer months due to the lack of activity.

Some would make the argument that major league baseball is in the middle of its season and that baseball is the sport that fills the gap with enough activity to go around. That may be so for some, but for me Baseball only matters twice a year. Opening day and the world series. Not saying baseball is not popular in anyway, just that baseball is not enough for two months when there is not much going on. In my opinion major league baseball has far too many games. They need to shorten the season and maybe they would get their target audience back on board. 

All is not lost though. There are actually some benefits to a slow time during the summer. The lack of activities gives us the opportunities to vacation, spend time with family and likely become even more productive at our jobs.

Bottom-line is … rather you think there is a lull during summer or not is a matter of perception. So, you get to determine how you spend these months.