Ralph’s Reviews: Take a Bite Out of World Cup

     What has been getting a lot of buzz as of late in the World Cup is the bizarre biting incident that involved Luis Suarez of Uruguay and Giorgio Chiellini of Italy. Media coverage had a field day with this latest occurrence, even entertainment shows gave this story some air time. I say latest occurrence literally… Suarez has been known to have a history of biting opponents, what makes this shocking is that he would do this blatantly on the world stage of the world cup. I get getting under the skin of your opponent, but not trying to literally bite the skin of your opponent. That is an epic fail if I do say so myself.

     Those in the media wanted FIFA to come down hard on him with a punishment that fit the severity of the act, some felt that a slap on the wrist would have been in some way a bias for the country Luis represents, but FIFA put any notion of that to bed when they suspended Suarez for the remainder of the world cup as well as being barred from soccer for four months. Suarez was also fined 100,000 swiss francs ($112,000 American dollars).

     There is no place for this type of behavior anywhere, not in sports and absolutely not in society. Athletes, no matter the sport, are role models. Young people often immolate what they see their favorite player or celebrity do, that being said when situations like this arise there must be swift action taken against the one’s that are involved especially against the instigator of the violation.