Red Dirt Music Month!

What a month it's been!  The past five weeks I've dedicated to one of my favorite genres of music out there, "Red Dirt" and was able to talk to 4 of my favorite artists of all time! If you missed any of the episodes, it's time to get caught up! 

First Rowdy and I kicked off the month "Talkin' Music" and counting down the TOP 5 SADDEST COUNTRY SONGS OF ALL TIME! 

Then I had a great conversation with the Amazing Brandon Jenkins about his new album, how he's different than the Dixie Chicks, and what's an interview with Brandon Jenkins without a little pot and porn talk! 

If that wasn't good enough...Mike McClure gave us the scoop on his music, life on the road, and the future of the music industry.  Plus a very special BONUS GUEST- JC King talked to Nashville Singer/Songwriter David Alan Loy about his "conservative anthem" the song- "Redneck for Days!"

Still Want More?  How about the one and only CODY CANADA of the legendary Cross Canadian Ragweed band, and now of the Departed talking his new band and the breakup with the guys from Cross!  

And finally we wrapped it all up with the first ever Least Dangerous Podcast Jam Session with friend of the show and awesome lead singer Shane Howard of the Shane Howard Band!  

Thanks for tuning in!  Hope you enjoyed the first ever feature month on the Least Dangerous Podcast!  Let me know if you have any suggestions for future "feature months."  I'm thinking- Death Metal Month soon....but let me know.   <JC King