Ralph's Reviews: Today's Radio.

     Since the invention of radio in the late 1800’s, radio has been a reliable source of entertainment and information. Before television, programs were aired on the radio. Families was gather to hear their favorite program or news report. It is a debatable issue on rather or not radio is still significant in our modern times.

     As the years have continued to march on radio has done fairly well to keep up with the times and inventions. Today’s radio faces more challenges than ever to remain relevant. With apps, websites, podcasts, social media, and and more syndicated shows than ever before you could argue traditional radio will fade away. I personally feel that radio will not ever completely go away, that it will remain a viable platform. Of course it will be a challenge, and take creativity but it can and will be done over time.

     Radio has modernized by streaming its stations on the websites, and using apps that can be downloaded to listen to the stations on mobile devices and other devices. There are more ways than ever to listen to music. You do not even really have to listen to what the radio is playing, you can customize your own play lists, pick and choose what stations you want to listen to and even hear shows from anywhere in the country. I am in no way saying that these things are a bad thing. I actually think these are good ideas. It just makes more competition and creates challenges for radio stations to stay ahead of the curve. But, ratings, and social media continue to state the obvious, that radio is still a leading source of entertainment and when disaster strikes radio is a source of information that people do tune in to. Most notably with destructive weather events, when television is not always available, radio is there in a timely and continent manner.

     The challenge for radio will be to focus on community involvement, and have solid local on air talent to keep listeners engaged and to stay in the mainstream outlet as a media platform. Radio stations have even started doing podcasts as well in order to stay current. Which helps listeners catch up on a segment they may have missed. Radio is still a big part of society, music is heard on the radio and there is no replacement for traditional radio. However you get your music, information, or entertainment… Enjoy!

Just remember the radio is always there waiting for you.