Ralph's Reviews: Cleveland takes Manziel.

Cleveland takes Manziel.


     It should have been no surprise to any NFL team that had interests in Johnny Manziel, that when drafted their would be a media frenzy. However, you would not know that by the way the Cleveland Browns have handled the situation. For a franchise that has been a shell of themselves for so long they should embrace the publicity. Their fan base for once in a very long time has something to be excited about, but the Cleveland Browns have done nothing but limit the media to Manziel. They also, in an attempt to discourage media and Manziel by calling him a third string quarterback, anyone with football knowledge knows that is an unlikely scenario and that Manziel will become the eventual starting quarterback. To this point the Browns have missed out on the national medias intrigue. 

     Cleveland has some of the best sports fans. Unfortunately their teams have been an utter disappointment for years. It is time for everyone in the Browns organization to get on board with Johnny Manziel. Manziel comes with a lot of baggage off the field, but has shown he can perform at a high level regardless of what is going on around him off the field. Johnny Manziel (aka) Johnny football leads all rookies in jersey sells in the NFL. Johnny Manziel has trmemendous upside and the Browns need to believe that he is their franchise quarterback because they have not had one to my recollection. Time will tell once the season begins it the strategy by the Browns will pay off or not. There is the potential for Manziel to be a star or a bust in Cleveland. The play on the field will determine that. Bottom line... The Browns get a thumbs down from me with their poor management of Manziel and the media.