Ralph’s Reviews: J.J. Watt for MVP

The NFL has become a pass happy league and it is not uncommon now for quarterbacks to have monster games. Now with quarterbacks putting up  5 and 6 touchdowns In a game, and having more 300 yard games, quarterbacks get all the love. But, it is time to give a defensive player some of that same love and praise that the offensive players receive.

Unless you have been under a rock, you should of heard of J.J. Watt the leagues most dominant player. Every offense fears J.J. Watt. Here’s a little background on Watt. He is a native Wisconsin, he was selected in the 2011 NFL draft by the Houston Texans in the first round with the 11th overall selection,  he is a two time pro bowler, and two time defensive player of the year winner.

Watt intimidates opponents as he trash talks through the entire game, and his play on the field backs up his talk. He is in my opinion the best and most dominant NFL defensive player to play the game in about the last 20 years.

Perception is that especially in the NFL, the MVP goes to a player on the offensive side of the ball, which basically is a quarterback or a running back. In that same criteria it is perceived that the MVP must take his team to the playoffs. Not so fast, pump the breaks. Here’s why J.J. Watt pokes holes in all the stereotypical perception of the NFL MVP. Watt is just a beast on the defensive side of the ball. He disrupts everything that the opposing offense does, and he moves around from spot to spot on defense as his athleticism allows him to pass rush the passer and manhandle even the best offensive lineman. Not to mention he scores touchdowns. So far in 2014, Watt has a pick 6 (AKA an interception for a touchdown) He has a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown, and you can line him up as a tight end in the red zone and he will grab a pass for a touchdown. Another thing about Watt is he batts balls down with his huge mitts. Watt has already won NFL defensive player of the year twice, and absolutely should be in MVP conversation in 2014.  The Houston Texans made a huge investment in Watt when they signed him to a 6 year, $100 million dollar extension to his contract. Watt is a guy you have to pay to guarantee he is your franchise guy. For the Texans he certainly is.  It has been a revolving door of quarterbacks and coaches since the Texans became an NFL franchise, but Watt has been a constant team leading player. He leads by example with his play on the field and by his grueling workouts, and the way he conducts himself off the field is admirable. The time he spends in the film room, and the time he commits to being in shape, being there for his team, and showing other teammates how to be a professional football player is why he so skilled at his position and the type of guy teams want in their locker room.  Watt is a constant highlight reel machine. He blows up offensive backfields, leads his defense by example and is just a nightmare for opponents to game plan for. If the Texans could ever have stability at the quarterback position Watt would anchor his defense deep in the playoffs. He is a ruthless leader.  While most proclaim Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the game today, I argue there are at least two or three quarterbacks I would take over him.  Peyton Manning,Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson are at the top of my list of current NFL quarterbacks. Rodgers fits in the top 5 best quarterbacks in the game, but in my opinion he is far from the best in the game. While he puts up the numbers, and leads his team, J.J. Watt is without a doubt the best player at his position. There is no one on the defensive side of the ball like Watt in today’s NFL.

To me the MVP should go to the player who performs at the highest level at their position and J.J. Watt fit’s the criteria. There have been other great defensive players come through the NFL through the years, and they did not win MVP, but I believe Watt is a player like no other. He is a clear cut lock to make the hall of fame, but they should add MVP beside his name.