Ralph's Reviews: Jim Harbaugh Coaching

It was not too long ago that Jim Harbaugh turned around a Stanford football program, developed a quarterback in Andrew Luck who became a number one overall draft pick in the NFL, then jumped to the NFL to the San Francisco 49ers where he made them relevant again, and now he will soon be relieved of his coaching duties, but not for long as other teams in the NFL and in college pursue him.

In sports the one common goal is to win. Winning silences all outside talk, but losing makes those critics voices louder. For whatever the case may be winning has not been enough to satisfy 49ers management as they are trying to deal away Jim Harbaugh. He has a personality that rubs some people the wrong way. He is very enthusiastic, and brung a college like atmosphere to the NFL, but that may also be the same reason why he will not be returning as San Francisco head coach. You could say confidently that Harbaugh brings discipline, accountability, playfulness, and a winning mentality when he is at your football program or franchise.

Jim Harbaugh is at the top of many fans wish list for their team's next head coach. Owners and athletic directors have also taken notice and have shown lots of interest in the opportunity to land Harbaugh as their next head coach. There has been speculation that a possible trade could send Harbaugh from the San Francisco 49ers to the Oakland Raiders. In college the University of Michigan is trying to fill their coaching vacancy in hopes of potentially hiring Jim Harbaugh. Wherever Harbaugh lands it is sure to dominate the sports headlines for quite sometime in the days and months to come.

From my perspective Harbaugh is an excellent coach and leader of men and would be worth all the baggage that comes with him, his name, and his personallity. As long as he was wiinning me football games I could deal with the flaws of a high profile personality.