Ralph's Reviews: Current Late Late Show Host Enters Final Week

It seems hard to believe that a Scottish comedian bursts on to the late night scene and intrigued an audience with his unique wit. That is exactly what   Craig Ferguson has done in his 10 years as host.

Ferguson was chosen to takeover as host of 'The Late Late Show' by David Letterman after Craig Kilborn left the show. 

Ferguson was best known by Americans for his role on 'The Drew Carey Show where he played Drew's boss. Ferguson had a British accent in the show. Craig had already become one of the most popular comics in Britain. In 2008 Craig became a U.S citizen when he passed his citizenship test.

While Craig Ferguson has never been a ratings juggernaut for CBS he has been a breath of fresh air for a national audience for a decade, and many will miss his sense of humor as he steps down as host. Craig often jokes at the expense of CBS on how he did not have the budget for a co-host, no money for a band, had inadequate stage and lighting in his studio. He inserted a robot skeleton which was voiced over by a human, and horse that's not a real horse. Ferguison is admired by his peers for his unique creativity, witt, and uniqueness that he brought to late night television. Ferguson refers to his show as '"not like any other late night show"

It has been stated that Ferguson is plane just burnt out, and not enthused enough to continue as host. He has stated that he wants to go out on a high, and not on a low. So, that he does not fade away in a slump but rather on the top of his game. He also feels that he has accomplished all that he can with the show, and there is no more he can do for the show. He claims he has lots of work ahead of him, and other projects that he wishes to pursue. He currently hosts the new gameshow 'Celebrity Name Game' This past summer Ferguson was passed up to host the Late Show as David Letterman announced his retirement. Stephen Colbert has been shosen to take over for Letterman in 2015. It should be noted that Ferguson has said that he had no interest in the job. 

Craig Ferguson has been one of my favorite late night hosts out there definitly in my top 3. And as late night talk shows change again Ferguson is the latest to fall and new faces continue to fill the screen. Ferguson was one of the last really good hosts doing it and it will diminish the quality of late night televison. Ferguson's guests for his final week will be some of his closest friends. Notable guests include Larry King, Betty White, Jim Parsons, and his final guest Jay Leno. It is sure to be a unique, fun, crazy, and unpredictable final week for Craig's late late show.