Ralph’s Reviews: Binge Watching the Craze of TV!

No longer do you have to sit down when your TV program is on, set it, forget, and catch up on your own schedule. You can thank the DVR and popular websites such as Netflix for changing viewing habits.


Binge watching has changed the way ratings come in. Added to the live TV or when the show first aired is now having additional ratings periods that go by what shows are DVR’d the most, and when they are viewed. DVR ratings have become the new norm as far as judging a show or networks audience. You do not even have to watch a series when the series was on TV, in fact say it is in series 4 or 5 or beyond, you can go online find seasons 1-3 and so on and spend hours, even days stuck binge watching trying to catch up. Which is not all that bad, but some experts are concerned viewers are getting over consumed by that guilty pleasure or series that they just cannot turn away from.


As with all phases this does not seem like your average phase. That’s right this could be around for who knows a crazy amount of time.


Going back to the DVR for a sec, when you have to be out because of work or an obligation the DVR saves you from missing your show. This is especially true for those who work the night shift. Cable e and Sattelite companies love to bundle their DVR in their packages and try to get an advantage and one up the other.


However you get to your favorite show… Producers are eating it up and trying to entice audiences to get hooked on their show. Leave a comment to this blog, interact and tell us what show do you binge watch?


Oh and viewer over exposure advised. I.e., don’t over do it.


Happy binging!