Ralph’s Reviews: Cell Phones Used For More Than Dialing

Cell phones were originally the most popular with people who worked in the business field. As they needed to be in constant contact with their clientele. However, today they have become a global phenomenon.


Gone are the days of the original purpose of the cell phone, which was to talk on, the cell phone still serves the purpose of calling, but has seen drastic maturation.


From the development of texting, web based usage, apps, and other technological advancements, we use cell phones for different things, but one thing is constant that is they are a daily function of our daily lives.


Like most I like the option of either talking or just texting someone, because honestly there are just those people out there where you just want to have a limited conversation with them and they just are not capable of that… that’s where texting comes in to save the day. The great thing is you can still talk to the people you actually wish to talk to, and you can send a short message to people without truly disturbing them when they are a t work, an event, movie, school, etc, etc.


Information is at our finger tips 24/7 which has it’s good and bad to it. Sometimes with instant information the information is not as accurate. Especially if it is a breaking story. The facts can get overshadowed by media types who want to be the first to break the story. Rather it is a tweet, in the facebook newsfeed, or websites in general if it is truly a breaking story I typically do not believe it unless is makes trustworthy television, or radio news sources. Such as, networks or cable news outlets. The reason being all the rumor mill gossip hoaxes that get put out there and we all know the phrase “if it’s on the internet it must be true” we should all very well know that simply is not the case at all. That’s right do not believe everything you read on your phone or internet, find a trustworthy source. Now for the good, instant information like texts, news organizations help us stay in the know of what is happening in the world that we live in. Locally or national we can access it, and we usually have an opinion to share and we flip out our phones and turn to social media.


There Is an app for just about everything, and we sure know how to download, visit the app store and much more. The app is a major benefit to those who have the advance services on their plans/phones.  Again, the cell phone is now used in more way for entertainment purposes than making calls, but that is just companies trying to have a competitive advantage which from my perspective competition is always a good thing. Competition makes things better, gives a better product, and ultimately the consumer benefits from the competitions of companies and major corporations.


Bottom-Line is from the cell phones of the past, to the cell phones of now and the future they have become a major societal influence. From just about any age groups cell phones are one of the most leading selling product in the U.S… So get those buttons pushed and make a call or two while you are at it.